Recycle your Clothes,Bags,Shoes & Toys

Wondering what to do with the junk or oversize clothes , leather products and children stuff in your wardrobe and home ?

Relax we take em all  and give them a new life instead of ending up in the landfiills.

By giving your clothes , bags , shoes and children toys  a new life  you keep the world greener and  reduce the  amount of that end up in landfills.

50% of the  stuff you give  are sold and the rest donated in developing countries.

Simple look around your house  and pick all those stuff your dont need  boxed  /Bag it  and call us on 090-7123-7100

or Simple  Mail it to the address below .

Chiba-ken , Kamagaya-shi ,

Karuizawa 1983 -6  # 302