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Don’t Wait until the final Hour, Lets help you removed & Haul it on time.

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We help you organize your stuff including Packing, Junk Disposal and Cleaning.

Don’t Wait until the final Hour, Lets help you plan it well on time.
Do you have Junk OR Trash? Do you need a Reliable Company to take of it?

24 EXPRESS is a local owned and operated business that provides junk removal in disposal services. GET SAME DAY SERVICE JUNK REMOVAL & GARBAGE DISPOSAL .WE HAUL EVERYTHING ! We make your job easier, trashing this stuff in Japan is a pain but don’t worry we got you covered anytime. 24Express handles all trash and Garbage disposal Jobs in and around Yokosuka and Kanagawa . 24 EXPRESS operated business that provides junk removal in disposal services for both residential areas and commercial businesses. From furniture to appliances to yard waste, we get your junk removed straight from your home or office, without the need to drag it all to the curb. You won’t even have to help carry or move any trash, debris, furniture or waste; just point to the junk that you want out of the way and we will haul it to our junk dumpsters Enjoy the convenience of fast and reliable junk & trash removal services same day service. Our Disposal unit will handle and dispose all your unwanted trash and junk with ease and guarantee a cheaper price as well and express service. Get your unwanted appliances, office equipments, computers, furniture, bicycles, motor bikes, cars and trash taken care of. Just relax, we do all the loading, clean up and hauling as well. See the list of items below, for more than one item or general disposal of house or office items.


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